Join us for our next UCNA meeting Monday May 9th @ 7pm at the SOS Center on 4620 W. North Ave.  We will be going over our plan to clean up the corner of 44th and Wright Streets where one of the most recent robberies and sexual assaults on women in our neighborhood occurred.  To learn more about the incidents, the details can be found here.

The perpetrator may still be on the streets, but that is all the more reason to unite with our neighbors, get to know each other and work together to clean up the area where one of these attacks happened in our neighborhood.  Not only does everyone who visits our neighborhood see the dilapidated houses on the Southern corners of 44th and Wright, but the address and images have been shown all over the city, county, state and even in the Chicago Tribune.  This is definitely not the kind of attention we want or need while trying to improve our neighborhood.  It also makes friends and family scared to come to our homes and definitely discourages people from purchasing and improving homes in the area.  These abandoned properties are also magnets and hiding grounds for people up to no good.  If we can make a difference in one area, it will make a difference for the safely and security of all of us.

Please come on May 9th to give your feedback, collaborate with police, the alderman’s office, the department of neighborhood services and neighbors and take action together. If we all remain hiding in our homes, afraid to walk our neighborhood, dividing instead of uniting we will be the loosers and more and more crime will contine.  There is hope though.  If we all work together to make positive change, then we can take our streets and neighborhood back for everyone.  If we are all too afraid or busy to take action together, then things will only get worse.  Please come and unite with your neighbors and community to make real change happen!

Please share our meeting flier (UCNA May 9th 2011 Meeting Announcement)  with your neighbors, concerned friends and local organizations!

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